How to Become Consistent

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consiststentAfter years of running my own towing service, and observing successful people, I have come to make some key observations about the true determinants and key to success, and that is consistency. Entrepreneurs who show up every day and put their best foot forward on everything they do are the one who turn up to be successful. Just the same way empires are built brick by brick, financial independence is achieved at one step at a time. So the big question is, how do you develop consistency and stick to it? How do you grow this essential habit?

Here are simple ways to go about it.

Start by segmenting

Segmenting your day is the key and a principle to successfully prepare for the tasks ahead. When you to think about everything you have to do in a single day, you might get overwhelmed. When you have a lot of things to do in a single day, it may overkill you to cause you to crash and suffer a burnout. When you segment your day, you separate it into small actions and chunks and you only focus on mini goals for each segment. You need to stay calm, confident and productive when under pressure. Keep yourself positively focused on actions that help you to move closer towards your goals.


You need to leverage the power of systems. If consistency is one of the biggest keys to success, then it should be noted that systems are the skeleton keys that unlock every door. The true importance of a product is not what it sells but how it sells it. Systems are very important in allowing you to leverage your time as well as that of other. When you develop systems in your day, your business and life will kick off aligned to those systems. Even if something doesn’t happen according to plan, the systems can take care of the uncertainties to bring back normalcy.

Hold yourself accountable

At one time, we all hit a snag and plateau. It can be very frustrating but it is normal in life. The key to breaking off chains be it mental, financial or physical lies on holding yourself accountable on everything you do. You should equally hold yourself accountable for seeking help wherever you have to seek. You can leverage the power of groups or mentors to help you achieve your goals. If you don’t have a major problem with finances, you can hire a virtual assistant to help you along the way and thus create more time for yourself to pursue other goals.

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